Bailiffs Carlisle Cumbria, Enforcement Agents - Formally known as Bailiffs, can enforce a variety of debts on behalf of Carlisle organisations such as local authorities. They can seize and sell goods to cover the amount of the debt owed. The term 'Bailiff' is not deemed as a legal term nowadays.

Have you had a successful 'County Court Claim', or 'Money Claim Online', & your debtor has ignored the order of the court? Carlisle, Cumbria Bailiffs' & High Court Enforcement Officers is your CCJ Collection Agent to enforce the court order and ensure payment against your County Court Judgement (CCJ) in the quickest possible time.

County Court Bailiff in Carlisle, Cumbria 

Bailiffs Carlisle, Cumbria can assign County Court Bailiffs to enforce and obtain payment. A County Court Bailiff will typically enforce a debt of an awarded CCJ, issued by the county court. If no agreement is made, the Bailiff can have the listed goods removed and sold later at auction. If there is a CCJ in place for the amount of £600 of above then a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) can be used.

Enforcement Through High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) in Carlisle, Cumbria

Bailiffs Carlisle, Cumbria will assign a High Court Enforcement Officer to visit your debtors home if they refuse to pay debts such as Carlisle Council Tax bills, Carlisle parking fines, court fines and county court or family court judgements. Carlisle’s Bailiffs & High Court Enforcement Officers can enforce action for a variety of reasons, such as; Squatter & Protester Eviction, Carlisle Traveller & Trespasser Eviction, Carlisle, Cumbria  Commercial Lease Forfeiture, Carlisle, Cumbria Commercial Rent Recovery, CCJ’s & High Court Enforcement, Statutory Demands & Carlisle,Cumbria Visits & Legal Proceedings. A High Court Enforcement Officer - HCEO is a form of original Bailiff who administers obtaining a High Court Writ and enforcing the writ against debtors with the aid of a Writ of Control.

Attachment Of Earnings

CCJ Enforcement Carlisle, Cumbria will act as your paralegal, collecting payment of your CCJ by instalments with an order to your debtors employer to deduct a payment against the debt due before salaries are paid to the debtor in an Attachment of Earnings to cut out the need for HCEO (bailiff) involvement.

Freezing The Debtors Bank Accounts

CCJ Enforcement Carlisle,Cumbria  will apply to the court to obtain an order without the debtors awareness to freeze the bank account of your debtor and make a direct claim to the debtors bank account to release funds to the value of what you are owed in your County Court Order.


If a debtor is insolvent, CCJ Enforcement Carlisle, Cumbria can bring insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings to wind up their estate, liquidate assets and pay off creditors. With CCJ Enforcement Carlisle acting as your paralegal, debtors will pay off an aggressive enforcement in favour of creditor arrangements. Let CCJ Enforcement Carlisle,Cumbria  ensure you get paid before any other creditors without the need for bailiff involvement.

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