CIS Sub-Contractor to Building Contractor Debt Collection


You are a CIS-registered self-employed skilled tradesman and a main building contractor has failed to pay your timesheet or invoice. Even worse, the building contractor has made tax and N.I. deductions from the amount owed to you but has failed to remit these deductions to HMRC. 

Perhaps, you have found out that the main building contractor is not even CIS-registered !

You have trusted this building contractor to be bona fide and now feel that you are at their mercy financially and professionally. Financially - because payment due to you is seriously in arrears.  Professionally - because your reputation is at stake and will suffer if you walk out on a job which is only half-done. 

The Construction Industry relies heavily on word-of-mouth and heaven forbid that building contractors who are really bona fide should only hear half the story and refuse to engage your skilled services.

Let us calmly assess the situation and act promptly.

Speed is of the essence in an industry where some building contractors are here today and gone tomorrow. 

We understand the pressures upon CIS-registered tradesmen.

Instruct us to be your agent by just sending us this simple “Submit CIS Sub-Contractor to Building Contractor Debt Collection Form”.