Section 8 - Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit      

Problem tenant? Is the tenant in rent arrears for 2 months at least?   Broken one or more of your contract clauses?  Has the tenant failed to maintain your property as instructed under the contract or refused to allow you to inspect the property? Then a Section 8 notice is what you need for any and all of these! "Hawk Recovery Landlord-to-Tenant Service" will review and issue all Notices to evict your tenant from your property from start to finish. To instruct us to be your agent and handle this procedure, send us this simple  “Submit Section 8-Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit Form”.

A Section 8 Notice is a quick, easy, no-fuss method to apply to the Court to remove your tenant on an Assured Shorthold tenancy agreement. Section 8 Notice clearly recognises that breach of any of the terms of the Assured Shorthold Agreement entitles you the landlord to repossess your property back properly and stop the constant month-on-month loss of rent and risk of ongoing damage. Do not delay. Instruct us today by completing this simple  “Submit Section 8-Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit Form”.



Before issuing a Section 8 Notice       

Poor behaviour and lack of maintenance by the tenant may fall within the grounds allowed for a Section 8 Notice.

Section 8 is used successfully by us on behalf of landlords throughout the country where tenants are in breach of contract, However, we also review and make certain that our clients act as informed landlords by responsibly ensuring that the property is habitable (e.g. issue and validity of correct Gas Safety Certificate, adherence to Fire Safety Regulations) and that their governance represents good practice and is in compliance with all relevant legislation  (e.g. holding the deposit securely, verifying ID of tenant and their right to rent according to Immigration Act 2016, GDPR stipulations about collecting and using data). 
So, make sure that you, a residential landlord,  do not forget the various obligations that YOU must meet to be eligible to issue a Section 8 Notice !   Has the Rental Deposit been managed lawfully ?  Are the various compulsory Safety Certificates in order ?  Has the Tenancy Agreement duration lapsed ?

The checklist is vital.    Ensure that this checklist is complete and its every item ticked for compliance. Instruct us to be your agent by sending us this simple  “Submit Section 8-Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit Form”.

With regard to whether the Tenancy Agreement has lapsed, careful attention must always be given throughout the tenancy to ensure that, when the Tenancy Agreement is due for renewal, the procedures are followed to get a signed agreement in place to review the tenancy if that is required. Never commit the all-too-common mistake of allowing your tenancy agreement to lapse on the basis that your tenants seem to be “nice people”.



Avoid Section 8 errors     

The Section 8 Notice must state the grounds for issuing the Notice and both the grounds and the wording must exactly match the Housing Act 1988

There are numerous grounds (17 in all!) for a Section 8 Notice, some mandatory and some discretionary. One or more may apply in any one case. The period of notice to be given to a tenant varies according to the ground chosen.  For example, where rent arrears of 2 months minimum have accrued, then 2 weeks’ notice to the tenant suffices.

Landlords, do not risk Section 8 Notice errors, inadmissible wording and omissions which will get your action dismissed by the Court. Instruct us to be your agent by completing this simple  “Submit Section 8-Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit Form”.



Wasting your time with a Section 8   

If the landlord is not eligible to bring a Section 8 Notice, he must rectify the situation before proceeding further.  

However, even when the landlord has everything in order, his Section 8 Notice may be dismissed if the wrong grounds are cited and/or incorrect wording used.  

A landlord may even do everything correctly according to his past experience but find that something, even small, has changed in the last few years.  So, a relevant example here is that, in England, a new version of the Section 8 Possession Notice was introduced in 2016. If the landlord inadvertently uses a form that is no longer used, his application for a Section 8 Notice will be dismissed.

A common misconception is that all the administration and issue of Possession Notices can be done online. This is NOT so. Some grounds for possession can only be handled offline.

Do not lose precious time. Do not lose money from mounting rent arrears while still paying capital and/or interest on a mortgage yourself ! Make sure that all procedure used is up-to-date and still valid.  Instruct us today to be your agent by sending us this simple  “Submit Section 8-Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit Form”.



Issue a Section 8 within 24 Hours 

Sorting out the required paperwork and double-checking all of the applicable details is a big task, especially for those without legal knowledge! So why not allow our dedicated team to handle your case for you? With support throughout the whole process, you can rest easy, knowing that your case is being handled by the best! Our service will save you time, hassle and money.

Our discreet and complete service includes :


A comprehensive case assessment, including evaluation of grounds for notice.

A compilation of the appropriate up-to-date legal paperwork ready for your approval and signature.

A choice of process serving. We can deliver your notice by hand or via Recorded Delivery. With either of these options a certificate of service can be issued, should you require it.


In order to receive this service, we will require some documentation from you. These items include :


a)  Assured Shorthold Tenancy documentation
b)  Rent Statement
c)  Deposit Certification (if a deposit was taken)


To issue a Section 8 Notice within 24 hours,  just send us this simple  “Submit Section 8-Notice to Residential Tenant to Quit Form”.