When there is a debtor dispute, UK-Law Firm Leicester, Leicestershire will act as a mediator and make the debt unquestionably due for payment. UK-Law Firm Leicester, Leicestershire will obtain a Court Order ordering the debtor to pay and get it stamped by the court as a court order. The litigation process could include a N244 Application Notice, Claim Forms

Pre-action Protocol - Consumer or a Business in Leicester, Leicestershire

The Pre-action Protocol must be performed correctly and follow the correct procedure, if not your claim could be thrown out by the court, don’t waste your money! Ensure you instruct UK-Law Firm Leicester, Leicestershire to act as your paralegal.

Application Notice (N244 Form) 

An Application Notice (N244 Form} is a document in which you state your intention to seek a court order. When seeking the court order you will make the application by completing form N244, which can be obtained from the court or found on the Court Service's website. UK-Law Firm Leicester, Leicestershire will process this for you.

Claim Documentation

UK-Law Firm Leicester, Leicestershire will act as your paralegal to ensure your Claim Forms are written up correctly, with correct claim documentation attached to ensure your case is unarguable. Leicester, Leicestershire UK-Law Firm can execute Claims for; Tenant Rent Arrears, Commercial Property Rent Arrears or other Unpaid Debts.

Attachment of Earnings in Leicester, Leicestershire

If the debtor does not make payments towards their debt as per the Court Order, then UK-Law Firm Leicester can apply for an Attachment of Earnings Order (AEO). An attachment of earnings is where we apply to the court for an order that allows funds to be deducted directly from the Debtors wages.

Charging Orders in Leicester, Leicestershire

If your debtor does not keep to the terms of the court order, UK-Law Firm Leicester, Leicestershire can issue a Charging Order. A Charging Order secures the debt against the debtors home or other property they own. This means the Debtor could lose their home/business premises.

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