Unpaid Debt Collection

This is for a debt that will not remove itself from your debtors’ ledger. Whether the debtor refuses to pay the bill, cannot pay the bill or attempts to abscond leaving you with unpaid debts, the process of unpaid debts collection is what we specialise in. We handle the unpaid debt using numerous methods of collection.


Debtor Refuses to Acknowledge their Unpaid Debt:

When a Debtor refuses to acknowledge their unpaid debt, UK-Debt Collection will commit to starting the recovery of the Debt. The first step is to contact the debtor and inform them of the debt & request payment, whether in full or via a payment plan. The aim is to get to the bottom of the reason upon which they are relying to keep the debt unpaid.

Typical reasons used by debtors to justify unpaid debts:

I have left the Unpaid debt because I wasn't happy with the work/product I received

I have left the unpaid debt because nobody asked me to pay when I moved away and I didn't leave a forwarding address !

I have left the unpaid debt because my partner said they would pay 

I have left the unpaid debt  because I have been ill 

I have left the unpaid debt because I can't afford to pay it

Lots of reasons there and there are lots more.  For most reasons, there is an appropriate procedure to follow before you can have enough information to know whether the unpaid debt should be written off or collected over time.  Maybe the debtor's new address can be located, maybe they have assets that can be liquidated, maybe a 3rd party can correct disputed work, maybe you have proof that your work was up to the required standard. Don't let debtors get away with unpaid debts unless you approve the action of writing off the debt.   Allow UK-Debt Collection to pick up your file and discover the facts on your unpaid debts.


Debtor Refusing to Negotiate on unpaid debts

Debtor Refusing to Negotiate? UK-Debt Collection will not take “No” for an answer! We will assign a Bailiff to make a visit to the debtor's property and discuss their unpaid debts face-to-face and demand payment!


Debtor Acknowledges Unpaid Debt - Still Refuses to Pay

When the debtor acknowledges the Unpaid  Debt &, alas, still refuses to pay - even after we have sent a Bailiff to their property - we will issue them with an application for a Court Order (County Court Judgement). The courts will then determine how much and within what time limit they must pay you back to settle the unpaid debt.