Bad Debt Collection - a debt that will not remove itself from your debtors’ ledger. Whether the debtor refuses to pay the bill, cannot pay the bill or attempts to abscond leaving you with unpaid invoices; UK-Debt Collect Ltd will handle the bad debt using numerous methods of collection.


Debtor Refuses to Acknowledge Bad Debt

When a Debtor Refuses to Acknowledge Bad Debt, UK Debt Collect Ltd will commit to starting Debt Collection proceedings. The first step being to contact the debtor and inform them of the debt & request payment, whether in full or via a payment plan.


Debtor Refusing to Negotiate

Debtor Refusing to Negotiate? UK Debt Collect Ltd will not take no for an answer! We will assign a Bailiff (HCEO) to make a visit at the debtors property and demand payment!


Debtor Acknowledges Bad Debt - Still Refuses to Pay?

When the debtor Acknowledges the Bad Debt & alas, still refuses to pay, even after we have sent a Bailiff (hceo) to their property - we will issue them with a Court Order (County Court Judgement). The courts will then determine how much and within what time limit they must pay you back.