Free Business debt collection  Business (B2B) collection of unpaid invoices any and all costs are passed to the debtor business in reasonable acceptable costs laid down in legislation no excessive fees for your debtor business UK DEBT COLLECT will at at all times treat your business debtor fairly and professionally but firmly and with no nonsense with regards to payment of their debts under Business debt collection guidelines .


Quick free Business Debt Collection:

All so after debtor business use their business creditor account as an un-authorised free overdraft facility resulting is free borrowings for your business customer but increased overdraft or loss of interest on money in the bank for you !due to unpaid Business debtors . UK Debt Collect have a proven record to bring your unpaid business debt invoices to the forefront to ensure payment is made immediately our communication reaches business debtors desk.


Why do Debt Business respond so quickly to UK Debt Collect?

The answer is easy we don’t have  history , emotions  or show regard to reasons for business debt our streamlined techniques of collection include proposing to add debtors to debt reference agencies, Issues surcharge to cover our costs and approaches for each and every day they fail to respond to us, On payment we bring the business debtor credit file back upto date one more with no negative rating due to there lapse of your Business debt   


Easy Instruction for Business Debt Collection:

Simple upload or email a spreadsheet or forward outstanding invoices or statements to us on receipt we will send you our contract to confirm there will be no charge to you regarding the collection of these debts for this service once signed prepare for collection results within first 7 days


Who pays for our service of Business Debt Collection:

Government back in 1996 put together legislation to ensure costs were claimable to cover late payment of commercial debts (Business to Business debts )  We are so confident in our abilities we will cover all our costs up front and not reclaim it using Government legislation until the debtor pays their debts in full.


Over 80% of Business Debt Collection is paid within 21 days of instructing us

When a debtor gets used to your credit procedures and your flexibility they have a tendency of take take, take , it becomes so easy to offer extended credit terms and in doing so opening your risk of nonpayment and cost to carry an ever-increasing larger high-risk sales ledger. When UK Debt Collect take over management of your sales ledger our streamline direct approach to payment achieve a high level of collection of all your Business Debt Collection requirements 


We act within the same day as you instruct up:

The very same day you instruct us we put procedures into play and start Busines Debt collection of your debts from your debtors