Cleaning Company Fees collected from Consumers


Your cleaning company operates in a competitive market and relies upon prompt payment by debtors of your invoices.  However, sometimes you take on a specialist cleaning job which was ordered at the last minute.  You jumped through hoops to pay for the purchases, staff training and staff overtime necessary to carry out the work which has, indeed, cost you more time and money than is normal per job ordered.  Despite this, the customer delays payment. 

This is a typical scenario affecting cleaning companies, a sector that has often suffered a cashflow problem. 

The increasing tendency to be paid a month in advance has attempted to end this problem but the problem continues owing to many factors.

Many cleaning companies only retain 50% of their Year One customers into Year Two. In itself, this takes up time and energy as your cleaning company has to deal with different requirements and different personalities.

Moreover, the high staff turnover, the added work required for one-off jobs, the need to comply with increasing Health & Safety and industry-specific regulations means that the problem of customers paying late or not at all has often been neglected. 

There are difficulties in communication as nearly half the workforce is migrant labour whose native language is not English. Before taking on a job, a Risk Assessment must be carried out but this is often performed in a cursory manner, a cause for regret later when a contract turns out to cost quite a bit more than originally expected. This gives a customer grounds for late payment on the alleged basis of work not performed at all or unsatisfactorily, especially where a cleaning company does not have a procedure for the customer to sign off a job as satisfactory and complete.   

Finally,  good cash flow is the blood of any business but is vital in the Cleaning Sector since, in an economic recession, cleaning services are requested less or even not at all (especially in the Residential Cleaning sector where cleaning is seen as a luxury in hard economic times). Make sure that, in a competitive industry with low profit margins,  you have cash reserves to help you through an economic recession.

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