Debt Purchase is more than simply a debt collection company : we actually purchase debt and, subject to our own due diligence on the debt, we commit to pay you an agreed percentage as soon as our due diligence is completed!

So, you have a large debtors’ ledger. Lots of debtors owe you money and the only way that you can fund this financial shortfall is to borrow money and increase your overdraft in order to run your business and cover general expenses. The concept of selling a debt is a historic concept integral to Bills of Sale and Promissory Notes. 

If you decide to sell your debt, large industries have been formed for discounting your debts. Typically, this is known as invoice-discounting and most large financial institutions offer a form of invoice-discounting.  Subject to your credit-worthiness and provision of guarantees, an invoice-discounter will offer you 85% to 95% of the invoice’s face value. This is obviously after due diligence and security against possible loss. In order to buy a debt, they may even request an insurance premium to cover the possibility of non-payment by the debtor. These percentages vary depending on the business sector and the level of risk and this is the basis of the raising of government bonds where IOUs are sold for percentages of debt. 

Invoice-factoring is a slightly more modern term which describes a method for you to release liquidity on your unpaid invoices with a company that offers to buy your debt, effectively taking over the ownership of your unpaid invoice, chasing in their own name or possibly yours, collecting the debt or setting in motion credit-control procedures.  This debt purchase is for a set percentage of maybe 5% to 12% of the debt’s face value.  If the debt fails to be collected using their credit-control procedures, generally they pass the debt back to you and, as such, reclaim from you the monies previously released by the factoring agreement.

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Factoring companies and invoice-discounting - their due diligence when buying a debt     

These specialist companies are not beginners in their understanding of risk. If you think that you can sell a debt that concerns your ex-tenant who is now unemployed and is sofa-surfing, you are very much mistaken. If you think that you can use these debt purchasers to sell your debt concerning a builder who went bankrupt or into liquidation two and a half years ago, again you are very much mistaken.

No debt purchasers in the modern money-markets will risk their money without due diligence and guarantees to minimise the likelihood of risk.

Risk is determined by the percentage of profit on the debt value. For example, many utility firms who have failed to collect their debts from consumers will sell their debts to debt collection agencies and may sell the debt for only 10% to 15% of the debt face-value. The low percentage is due to the need to cover potential risk and the cost of insurance premiums to cover the likelihood of risk.

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Selling your debt to 


Sell Your Unpaid Invoices and Doubtful Debts     

Don't carry your unpaid debt around with you! Let UK-Debt Collection take it off your hands and you can cash in on the value of the invoices you are owed by your customers within 90 days of the invoice being raised.   

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Sell your Bad Debts will buy your bad debt and, after due diligence and credit checks of the debtor, will pay you the agreed percentage. The percentage offered will vary depending on the credit checks undertaken. 

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Our Strength of Debt Purchase

As members of the credit community, our strength of debt purchase means we lodge information of the debtor's indebtedness in the public domain.


Purchaser of the Debt being the Purchaser of the Debt allows you to transfer your invoice from a poor credit rating customer and to obtain a guarantee, thereby guaranteeing payment within a specified period (subject to terms).


Terms & Conditions of Debt Purchase

Our Terms & Conditions infer that,  If during our due diligence we find information that downgrades the value of the debtor or increases the likelihood of a quick payment form the debtor,  we reserve the right to re-quote and re-propose a new deed of assignment.


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