Debt Collection Mediation

Debt Collection Mediation


So, you are owed money and your debtor gives you a whole load of reasons why he should not pay. Some of them may be justified but many may be made up. Communications and any relationship may even have collapsed between you and the debtor.  Perhaps, when the debtor entered into the contract, there was never any intention to pay you.

All mediation and negotiations should be undertaken as a damage-limitation exercise. A 3rd party who can understand and listen to both sides and yet be paid by the creditor clearly will always have a bias towards the creditor which will underpin the point of view presented when arguing on behalf of our valued client, the creditor. Yet, the 3rd party of good Debt Collection Mediation experts will paint a picture of understanding and consideration when listening to the point of view of the debtor and speaking to the debtor whilst simultaneously and skillfully extracting as much information as possible to ensure strong litigation claims against the debtor.

To summarise, yes, when Debt Collection Mediation is taking place, to be two-faced is a clear benefit. With the information that is extracted, we can review your position and calmly and logically discuss the options within your position for manipulating the position of others. What we safeguard against is a complete write-off of what is owed to you.

As Courts are hard-pressed, their procedure is always to insist upon Debt Collection Mediation taking place before a case comes to Court for a decision.  The ability and evidence to show that you have been understanding, level-headed and prepared to listen to the other side is always important. Otherwise and as happens so often in heated situations, you could find the debtor manipulating you to use your very words or writings against you in Court.   Avoid such an undesirable scenario by employing a 3rd party such as skilled in Debt Collection Mediation and able to mediate for you.  

No Debt Collection Mediation is agreed without your approval but, before you make a decision, it is always wise to conduct discussions on what is the best possible and acceptable solution in your particular circumstances. 

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