Got a Business to Business debt which is less than 90 days old?! UK-Debt Collect Ltd offer a free debt collection service enabling you to manage your unpaid invoices and late payments FREE of cost, FREE of overdraft and FREE of stress! Outsource your debtors ledger now for a hassle free, free of cost of collection service. Simply upload your debtors ledger and we will take care of the rest!

No Creditor Costs

There are No Creditor Costs to recover your unpaid invoices and late payments, all costs are recovered from the other side on a No Win No Fee basis!


Full Debt Collection

Our Free Debt Collection Service aims to execute a Full Debt Collection for all late payments and unpaid debts owed to you within a short amount of time! 


Hassle Free - Cost Free!

Our No Win No Fee, Free Debt Collection Service could not be simpler - Simply upload your debtors ledger in either Excel or css format and we will take care of the rest - entirely Hassle Free & Cost Free!