Tenants refusing to pay you?! Left with unpaid rent? Absconded tenants? Long term arrears in rent? Paying for damage of property and paying for eviction? We at UK-Debt Collect ltd will recover all debts for you!

Tenant Rent Arrears 

Tenant failed in paying their rent? Whether the tenant is in rent arrears by one month or 6 months, UK Debt Collect ltd will collect for you!

Short Term Tenancy 

Tenant failed to pay? We will handle the short term tenancy default for you! Whether its a notice of possession, notice of eviction, collection of rent arrears or simply some default in tenancy agreement advice. 

Rent Arrears Claim

When issuing a rent arrears claim, subject to your defaulting tenants tenancy agreement, UK Debt Collect ltd will handle your section 8 or section 21 notices which are required for a court order eviction or court order repossession. Ensuring you minimise your rent arrears loss and safeguard your deposit covering your property's end of tenancy survey.

Rent Arrears Letter

The first step in recovering Rent Arrears is to issue your non paying tenant with a Rent Arrears Letter demanding payment. UK Debt Collect Ltd will issue this for you.

Rent Arrears Breach Notice

Recovering Rent Arrears is done in various steps, starting with a Breach of Tenancy, you may want to issue your non paying tenant with a Rent Arrears Breach Notice demanding payment. We will create and issue this Section 8 Notice to the non paying tenant for you.

Rent Arrears Notice Of Possession

When a non paying tenant occurs - you can issue them with a Notice of Possession - a document used to inform a the tenant of the intention to take possession of certain property. We will issue this to the difficult tenant.

Rent Arrears Bailiffs

Tenant refusing to pay? UK Debt Collect ltd can assign a bailiff (High Court Enforcement Officer) to attend the property and execute a notice of eviction to the difficult tenant. 

Private Tenant Notice of Eviction

Tenant reluctant to pay in spite of letters demanding payment being sent?! We will then issue the tenant with a 'Private Tenant Notice of Eviction'. Here at UK Debt Collect ltd we do all the work for you, from a notice of possession, rent arrears letter, court orders and eviction notices.

Court Action/Eviction for Non-Paying Tenants

We will start proceedings for Court Action and Eviction of non paying tenants today and recover all of your debt BACK TO YOU! Whether its a firm letter demanding payment, a notice of possession, eviction notice or even a CCJ we will execute this for you with immediate effect.