UK Debt Collect Ltd will issue a Forfeiture of Lease prior to the contractual termination date because of a breach in the lease terms by the tenant. 


Commercial Rent Arrears

Commercial tenant failed to pay rent due? UK Debt Collect ltd will aim to recover all debt. We will issue a Forfeiture of Lease and Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery by issuing a locksmith to change the locks on your commercial property. 


Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Uk Debt Collect Ltd will execute a Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery by way of assigning a bailiff (High Court Enforcement Officer) to attend the property, remove assets and/or collect cash to the sum of the debt owed.

Bailiff Eviction Commercial Property

UK Debt Collect Ltd act as your agents to attend your commercial property, change the locks & take over ownership. We secure assets of the debtor with a detailed inventory service. Our 24/7 Bailiff can be left in attendance, to explain to the evicted tenant why all doors are secured.