Business Closure, Insolvency and Liquidation services


In the difficult times of a deep recession, many businesses almost or totally grind to a halt and find themselves on the verge of insolvency or need for liquidation, causing great anxiety and making it hard to think. However, it is vital but difficult to keep a clear head in such circumstances, especially where worry and sleepless nights make you unable to function properly.

At, we can and do keep a clear head as our heritage is in successful debt collection for all types and sizes of business and in forcing delinquent debtors into liquidation where they refuse to pay debts owed to their creditors.  With this solid foundation, we are qualified to perform Business Closure where proceeds released are maximised in order to meet liabilities. 




We simply purchase your company for a fixed and agreed price.  We purchase the shares and take over as operational directors. As of that point, the headache becomes ours and you can be confident that you have washed your hands of the business failure and left it in capable hands to wind up and liquidate the company appropriately, safeguarding your reputation and future as a director.

We are then responsible for all routine and non-routine matters, removing all pressure from you.  We are well-placed to handle difficult situations with various parties pressing for updates. These are usually - staff pressing for updates on salaries/redundancies, creditors pressing for payment for stocks & services supplied, enquiries about eligibility, amount and scheduling of government grants for layoffs.





Outright purchase of your existing business in order to wind up and take responsibility for all elements of the business

Act as a consultant to sell your debtors’ ledger, releasing vital liquidity 

Manage a Phoenix relaunch of your business without the burden of the past business failure limiting your growth and progression.




Just sign the share transfer documents. 

Appoint our nominated person as director/secretary

Upload the latest copy of your Accounts, whether produced by Sage, Xero, Quickbooks, Wave Accounting, FreshBooks Cloud Accounting, Zoho or others.

From that very day, we take over all the hassle and aggravation of running your company, leaving you with peace of mind and the freedom to make a new start.