CCJ Enforcement

You've been successful in a County Court Judgement & the Court has ordered your debtor to pay. Based on a successful 'County Court Claim', or 'Money Claim Online', a CCJ has been issued but your debtor has ignored the Civil Judgement. The task of CCJ Enforcement now needs to be addressed!  There are several options to consider.  We specialise in understanding your debtor's situation and advising the most appropriate action to take. CCJ Enforcement Agents specialise in CCJ Enforcement and ensure payment against your County Court Judgement (CCJ) in the quickest possible time. 



CCJ Enforcement through High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) 

You've seen them on TV - HCEO (bailiffs) "The Sheriffs are coming" "Pay or we take it away".  These Bailiffs are authorised to locate assets belonging to the debtor and remove them to sell them at public auction to the value of the CCJ Judgement unless they pay at a face-to-face meeting on your doorstep to execute collection from your debtor.



CCJ Enforcement with Attachment of Earnings

We will act as your paralegal, using the Attachment of Earnings as a means of CCJ Enforcement.  Payment is usually received through instalments taken directly out of the debtor's salary as deducted by their employer before the net salary is paid to the debtor. This action is enabled by an Attachment of Earnings Order which cuts out the need for bailiff involvement.


CCJ Enforcement with Freezing Bank Account

When we act as your paralegal,  we may recommend the use of an application to freeze the debtor’s bank account in order to obtain the funds that are being stored or hidden in the account.  So you know your debtor’s bank account? We apply to the Court to obtain an order - without the debtor’s awareness -  to freeze the bank account of your debtor and make a direct claim to the debtor's bank account. This is done in order to release funds to the value of what you are owed in your County Court Judgement (CCJ) with immediate effect and without the need for bailiff involvement.


CCJ Enforcement using County Court Bailiff (CCEO)

If the value of your Court Order is less than £600, the County Court Enforcement Officer (Bailiff) will enforce the CCJ on a basis local to the Court in question.


CCJ Enforcement through Insolvency/Bankruptcy

If a debtor is insolvent (LTD Liability Company or Consumer), UK-DEBTCOLLECTION.COM can bring insolvency/bankruptcy proceedings to wind up their estate, liquidate assets and pay off creditors. When UK-DEBT COLLECTION acts as your paralegal in matters of CCJ Enforcement,  we will ensure that you are the primary creditor to bring action against this debtor.   Often during negotiations, a debtor will pay off aggressive enforcement in favour of creditor arrangements.  Let  UK-DEBTCOLLECTION.COM undertake CCJ Enforcement for you and enable you to get paid before any other creditors and without the need for bailiff involvement.