Debt Collection,  Debt Recovery, Debt Collecting and what is a Debt Collection Agency?   


In essence, the three terms, Debt Collection,  Debt Recovery and Debt Collecting, are used for the same thing i.e. obtain liquid funds amounting to the debts owed to a particular party.

A Debt Collection Agency undertakes Debt Collection,  Debt Recovery or Debt Collecting for third parties.  It can also undertake Debt Collection on its own behalf where the Debt Collection Agency has purchased the debt and so has become the owner of the debt.

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Debt Collection for Business, Consumers and Landlords.

The creditor or party to whom is owed a debt may be a business, a consumer or a landlord. The procedure for collection of debt for a business, consumer and landlords will differ. In today's world of forgiveness and writing off debt,  it is easy to think that there's no chance of getting your debt paid. However, the secret of success is to understand that not all debts are the same and to know your debtor. So, the work of classifying a debt correctly and assessing the legal status of a debtor is crucial to success. 

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Types of debt 

There are various types of debts and each is treated differently in the process of debt collection or debt recovery.

Below is a summary of the types of debt for you to understand into which type your particular outstanding debt falls and to give various examples for that type of debt.

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Debt Collection for Business-to-Business Debts (Commercial Debts)

Such as  the following examples :

Debt collection for professional unpaid fees, 

Debt Collection for Suppliers Unpaid Invoices 

Debt collection for building contractors unpaid invoices,

Debt Collection for Import / export contracts

Debt Collection couriers unpaid invoices

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We offer a Free Debt Collection for all debts falling into these categories less than 90 days old and Bad Debt Collection for debts over 90 days old.

Where a debt is over 90 days old, closely examines the details of the Purchase Order/Contract /Invoice/Contract Completion Confirmation and clearly informs the debtor of this fact with a view to immediate payment. If the debtor agrees a settlement in writing but fails to hold up their end of the deal, the groundwork achieved with this service often serves as a foundation for any further action.  For example, if the debtor then tries to dispute their indebtedness, we already have an acknowledgement of debt by then and Court action is a breeze!

Where a debt is disputed, we handle your recovery of debt through to Litigation and then debt collection Enforcement as required. 

For all Business-to-Business Debt Collection, your debtors pay our costs for breaching your payment terms!   If we act for you when the invoice falls due in the first 90 days, there will be no upfront costs to you.

Why would your debtor listen to us if they haven't listened to you? Simply because we are an unknown entity to your debtor:  we represent a stern interrogation of the facts relaying the non-negotiable procedure we follow through to Insolvency of the debtor company. The only reason for our non-collection of your debt will be the insolvency of your debtor and we will make this point clear to the debtor at all times.

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Debt Collection for Business-to-Consumers 

Such as the following examples :

Debt Collection for Nurseries and fees due from Parents

Debt Collection for Hire companies car/van hire

Debt Collection for event Hire

Debt Collection for unpaid accommodation

Debt Collection for liability under contracts

Debt collection for professional fees 


Business-to-Consumer Debt Collection is an industry not only heavily regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority but also with many ways to fail because of the complexities of the relevant legislation. Our Debt Collection Agency will act as your Debt Collection Paralegal so as to ensure that you have the consent and order of the Court to collect the debt in full and with immediate effect. If the debtor then fails to pay in full, we will request a Judgement from the High Court for a writ to enforce the collection of the debt. Failure to pay will result in the possible removal of assets/freezing of their bank accounts and/or attachment of earnings order, directly from their employer, acting in your name, to ensure your debtors pay you directly in the least amount of time possible. The most common forms of consumer debt are UK Hire Companies to consumers.  See Business-to-Consumer Debt Collection for further details.

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Debt Collection for Consumer-to-Business

Such as the following examples:

Consumer debt recovery as documented by an Industrial Tribunal and enforced by a High Court Enforcement Officer (HCEO) 

Consumer debt recovery on a purchase made from a Business

Consumer Debt recovery on monies paid on deposit

Consumer Debt recovery based on fraud

Consumer Debt recovery based on financial loss

Careful attention must be paid in the area of Consumer-to-Business Debt Collection because the action of an individual, a consumer, requesting refunds from a business can be rather complicated in that the law is often on the individual's side so as to protect a consumer and your rights as a consumer. However, as an individual, you are often not aware of your rights and are faced with solicitors’ fees which can be high to advise on relatively non-complex matters. A business that refuses to pay its debts often relies on intimidation to get away with not paying. Our Debt Collection Agents act as your Paralegal with the sole aim to collect your debt refund on money owed!

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Debt Collection for Consumer-to-Consumer (Private Debt Collection)

Such as the following examples:


Consumer Debt Recovery from family and past friends personal loans

Consumer Debt Recovery from Partners who promised repayment

Consumer Debt Recovery from Executor of  Last Will and Testament


Personal Debts (Individual owing money to Individual) is a complex and emotional area,  is regulated by the FCA and usually falls under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. However, our Consumer-to-Consumer Debt Collection service can act as your Paralegal, guiding you through a complex area of options available to obtain recovery of a debt without the need to let emotions get in the way when requesting debt recovery from family/friends. Such Debt Recovery always needs the approval of the Courts and, once such approval is obtained,  the debt collection will be monitored by one of our Enforcement agents in order to ensure full compliance with the Law and that the payment Order by the Court is upheld.

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Debt Collection for Residential Landlord-to-Tenant 

Such as the following examples :


Residential Landlord Debt Collection from Tenants owing rent arrears using correct Pre-Action Protocol

Residential Landlord Debt Collection leading to a Notice of Possession served to Tenants
                    owing rent arrears

Residential Landlord Debt Collection leading to Eviction of Tenant for unpaid rent arrears

Recovering unpaid rent weighs as heavily as debt on your balance sheet. Tenants have little to no consideration about your own financial liability on a mortgage on the property they occupy and your need to recover debt from unpaid rents to ease your financial situation. Our Residential Landlord-to-Tenant Debt Recovery service will issue the problem tenant with the correct tenant rent arrears procedure so as to ensure collection of debt in the form of rent arrears or by serving a Tenant Eviction Notice based on arrears accrued. This is all so that you can regain access to your property in the shortest time.

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Debt Collection for Commercial Landlord-to-Tenant  

Such as the following examples :


Commercial Landlord Debt Recovery - Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Commercial Landlord Debt Recovery - Notice Of Intent to the non-paying Tenant to claim
                                                        assets within the property

Commercial Landlord Debt Recovery - Forfeiture of lease for breach of covenant 

Commercial Landlord Debt Recovery - Eviction of tenant as per Forfeiture of lease

As regards Debt Collection for Commercial Landlords collecting Commercial Tenant rent arrears, Commercial Rent Debt can sometimes be a nightmare to recover when a commercial lease on your property is subleased, sold and passed on to 3rd parties. We will execute a Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR) Procedure by way of assigning the right Enforcement agent to attend the property and either Forfeit the Lease or secure assets while the debt collection is secured.

Our debt collection agents are skilled in exercising a Commercial Forfeiture of Lease and effecting a Peaceful Re-entry into commercial premises by evicting the Commercial Tenant. This is often a wise course of action to ensure debts don't increase further. We provide 24- Hour Debt Collection services throughout England and Wales. also offers a Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR ) procedure which is where an agent attends the Commercial Tenant's Premises with a view of removing assets and/or cash at the time of the visit so as to get your rent paid out of proceeds!

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Disputed and Undisputed Debts

Most debts are undisputed but some are not. 

Where a debt is disputed, we handle your recovery of debt through to Litigation and then Debt Collection Enforcement as required.



Why engage us as your Debt Collection Agency?

We only take on recovery of debt where the debt is collectable.  If,  at any stage, the collection of debt seems unlikely based on the documentary evidence and facts that we uncover, then we advise on this issue and put you in the picture with full details so that you can decide on the way forward ensuring you don't waste your time and money. Likewise, where we consider that a debt could be disputed, we inform you of this fact.  Good debt collection that works means knowing the debtor and optimising the recovery of debt based on the debtor's assets, income and position in society. Our unique understanding of the debt collection process means that even the most difficult of debts are collected, executed quickly and effectively.

Based on the above factors, we recommend an appropriate route for the collection of the debt and submit a quotation for any costs that we believe may be incurred in the collection of the debt.

Once you agree to the appropriate approach, signing the online acknowledgement and deed of assignment, along with any payment against costs, we will execute the collection of the debt with immediate effect.

All of our Debt Collection staff are highly trained in their sectors and understand how a debtor’s mind works as well as the issues which influence the debtor's decision-making process.  This makes us one of the top-performing debt collection companies in our field. We are able to break a debt down into its appropriate sector (business, consumers or landlords) to ensure maximising pressure and response, right from day one.

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