Consumer-to-Business Debt Collection 


As a consumer, you are used to surviving on a budget with a weekly or monthly allowance. 

When a 3rd party fails to keep to an agreement made with you, you are left out-of-pocket which often you can ill-afford to be and which is causing you considerable concern, especially when you do not know what to do next.

All is not lost because a consumer enjoys strong legal protection in many ways and we know how to use this protection to your advantage.

So, do not let this 3rd party, whether a business or an individual consumer, take you for a ride. Engage our services for Consumer-to-Business Debt Collection and see them sit up and take notice. 

Below are some of the scenarios which we have successfully handled during our many years of experience in Consumer Debt Collection.


Consumer claiming a refund for inadequate goods or services  


You have bought a product or service which turns out to be shoddy, not fit for purpose or provided after the due delivery date. Sometimes, all these factors apply.

Perhaps your case is like this one. A consumer’s fridge/freezer had packed up and so they ordered a new one. Trusting that the new fridge/freezer would arrive on Friday, they arranged for the old one to be taken away on Thursday of the same week. The new one arrived days late and not only failed to cool the food to the correct degree but leaked a lot of water onto an area dangerously close to their electrical socket.  Their emails to the company were ignored and, since their telephone system was completely automated,  it was impossible to talk to a live human being.

The story does have a happy ending as our work made sure that the consumer was refunded and refunded fast.

So, call us today to take action to collect monies owed to you by a business. We will show the business that you are not an unimportant consumer that can be pushed to one side and will get quick results in debt collection for you. 


Ex-employee claiming for final wages not yet paid  


You have recently left a company for pastures new.  You worked during the statutory notice period and worked to your usual high standard.  However, you have not received the wages due from your last month of employment. 

So, you have fulfilled your side of the employment contract but your ex-employer has not fulfilled their side.

Contact us to get your ex-employer to meet his clear legal obligations and pay you your hard-earned wages.  



Ex-employee claiming for redundancy package not yet paid         


For twenty years, you worked for a company and put your heart and soul into it.  Unfortunately, the company failed to keep up with major changes in market conditions and, as a result, their turnover dropped little by little over the years until this drop threatened their survival as a business. They have had to drastically re-organise operations and downsize.

The employees were informed of the fact and given a list that named the employees to be made redundant. The period of notice complied with the relevant Redundancy legislation. Likewise, the letter to you informing you of the amount due to be paid to you as your Redundancy package was also lawful.

As everything was in order legally, you had no reason to suspect that you would not receive the redundancy package due and at the date due.  However, that is what has happened. They have not paid you and ignore all your communications.

You were already upset at losing a job that you loved in an environment and with people that you liked. Now, you are so upset at being treated so badly and at the prospect of poverty that you cannot think straight.

Do not stew any longer. Contact us to get this debt collected fast and give you the happy ending your faithful and good service deserves. 


What to do          

If you are suffering in a scenario similar to any of the above, call to stop your distress and collect the debt owed. Contact us now for a friendly, no-obligation chat.