You are a creditor and are owed money by a debtor. Despite a CCJ in your favour and finding against the debtor, the debtor still has not paid the debt owed. Enforcement of this Civil Judgement is needed. Our hard-nosed Enforcement Officers are authorised to take action to make sure that the County Court Judgement is satisfied.

You are a residential landlord and wish to evict a tenant as soon as possible on the grounds of rent arrears and ongoing dilapidation. You have issued the appropriate legal Notices and are in possession of the requisite Court Order.  Eviction too is governed by strict rules.  If such rules are not obeyed, any eviction will be unlawful and may have serious consequences. You need competent eviction supervision. This also is a type of enforcement carried out by our tough Enforcement Officers.

Our locally-based and tough Enforcement Officers have wide-ranging experience in the areas described above and in other areas.

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