Private Investigations 

Sometimes a creditor or landlord cannot even begin to start a claim against a debtor or tenant for a debt owed and the relevant legal papers cannot be served upon that debtor or tenant because they cannot be found and seem to have vanished into thin air.



Absconded Debtors and Tenants             


This is where our Private Investigator Dept. can help by using traditional and state-of-the-art trace techniques to find the absconded debtor or tenant who usually can be located in one or several ways. As our Private Investigators are locally-based, they can also pick up useful information on the local grapevine. 

Technical expertise is needed but so is discretion and common sense so that the debtor or tenant is not made aware of our research.  If discernment and discretion are not used, the debtor could find out and try to take steps to avoid meeting their financial obligations.

Here are some of the methods we use :


Social Media and Internet Investigations

Phone number search

Person location trace

Background checks

Address Report



Debtors and Tenants pleading inability to pay debt owed      


Perhaps your debtor or tenant can be found but they plead poverty and inability to pay the debt owed. A County Court Judgement (CCJ) may even have been issued in your favour confirming that they do owe the debt but, despite this, they have not paid the debt in full or in part.

In such scenarios, it is wise to check up on their story and to see whether they own property.   

A simple and reasonably-priced method is :

Ownership of Freehold Property Search 


When the result of this search shows that freehold property is actually owned by this individual, the way is then open for :

Enforcement of CCJ with Charging Order


which is a rock-solid method of getting your debt paid.




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