If your tenant falls into Rent Arrears, It can seriously impact your own financial situation. Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford can recover unpaid rent arrears, whether you live in Chelmsford, Essex yourself, or elsewhere.

Rent Arrears can occur for many reasons, such as the Tenant has lost their job, they can no longer afford to make rent due to other expenses or perhaps a joint tenant has left them in the lurch. Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford will attempt to reason with the Tenant in order to retrieve the owed Rent Arrears before pursuing action through the courts.

Letter Before Action

The first step is to get the Tenant to acknowledge the arrears, Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford,Essex will send the Tenant a ‘Letter Before Action’. A Letter Before Action is the LAST letter that will be sent before starting legal action to recover the unpaid rent arrears. Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford,Essex will use this letter to supply the Tenant with the debt details such as the date the rent arrears were owed, interest & how long the tenant has before the matter proceeds to legal action.

Notice Of Seeking Possession

The Tenant does not respond in your favour, Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford, Essex  will issue the Tenant with a Notice of Seeking Possession. This is a legal warning and is the first stage of legal action which means that we may apply to the County Court in Chelmsford, Essex for possession of the property. This could lead to the Tenant losing their home and being evicted.

Tenant Eviction In Chelmsford, Essex 

Say you’ve corresponded with your Tenant, requested payment & sent a notice of seeking possession & still haven’t had any contact? Perhaps they are denying the debt or refusing to pay? Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford can then go to other lengths in order to recover the unpaid rent arrears, by way of Tenant Eviction. Our Tenant Eviction Chelmsford Team will do this by Issuing a Section 8 (Notice to Quit) or a Section 21 (Notice of Possession).

Possession Order

The last step before evicting your Tenant is for Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford, Essex to serve a Possession Order, which is granted by the Court. This ends the tenancy and gives the courts the legal power to evict the Tenant.

Court Eviction

Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford, Essex will act as your paralegal and issue a Section 8 – A Notice To Quit, this can be served once the tenant is in arrears of 2 or more months rent. Or Rent Arrears Collection Chelmsford, Essex can issue on your behalf, a Section 21 - Notice of Possession. This can be served without reason. However, it cannot be served within the first 4 months of the Tenancy Agreement.


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