We offer UK Debt Collector for Business, Consumers and  Landlords.

Our unique UK Debt Collector procedure means that even the most difficult of Debts  are executed quickly and effectively.

All of our UK Debt Collector staff are highly trained in their sectors and we pride ourselves in maintaining professionalism and courtesy when collecting throughout the UK communicating with yourselves and the Debtor that required Debt collection Know-how.

See below some simple explanation of types of Debt Collection we undertake.


UK Debt Collector for Business to Business Debts, (Commercial Debts)

Such as UK Accountant Fees, Suppliers Unpaid  Invoices etc. We offer a Free UK Debt Collector service in the form of a ‘Letter Before Action’ utilising the Late Payment Legislation of ‘The Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998’, for all Business to Business Debt Collection, your debtors pay our costs for breaching your payment terms! This often results in voluntary payment immediately our debt collection starts with no cost to you.


UK Debt Collector will ensure your Business will obtain Debt recovery from Consumers:

Business to Consumer Debts - a heavily regulated industry by the Finacial Conducts Authority with many ways to be caught out by the Legislation. Our UK Debt Collector services will act as your UK Debt Collector acting in your name, to ensure your debtors pay you directly in the least amount of time possible. The most common forms of consumer debt are UK Hire Companies to consumers, UK Service Companies such as Care Homes, Nurseries, Cleaning Companies and Technicians follow this link for more information on consumer debt collection 


UK Debt Collector help Consumers recover refunds from Business.

Individual (or Consumer) requesting Refunds from Business can be rather complicated, in that the law is often on the Individual's side to protect a consumer and your rights as a consumer. However, you as an individual often are not aware of the rights you have, yet solicitors fees can be high to advise on relatively non-complex matters. Our Debt collection Agents act as your Paralegal with the sole aim to get you a refund on money owed!


UK Debt Collector assist Individuals in collecting money from friends & family

Personal Debts (Individual owing money to Individuals ) are a complex and emotional area and probably falls under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 and regulated by the FCA. However, our Individual to Individual  UK Debt Collector can act as your Paralegal, guiding you through a complex area of options you have to obtain money without the need to let emotions get in the way when requesting repayment of debts from family/friends.


UK Debt Collector help Residential Landlords recover unpaid debts from Tenant.

Recovering unpaid Rent weighs heavy as a debt on your balance sheet. Our Landlord to Residential Tenant Debt Collection will issue the problem Tenant with the correct Tenant rent arrears procedure to ensure you get your rent arrears debt paid back, or by serving a Tenant Eviction Notice based on arrears accrued so you can regain access to your property in the shortest time.


UK Debt Collector help Commercial Landlords collecting Commercial Tenant rent arrears: 

Commercial Rent Debt can sometimes be a nightmare to recover with a lease on your property being subleased, sold and past on to 3rd parties.  We will execute a Commercial Property Debt Collection process- by way of assigning the right UK Debt Collector to attend the property and Forfeit the Lease. Our UK Debt Collector are skilled in exercising a Forfeiture of Lease and effecting a Peaceful re-entry on to commercial premises by evicting the Commercial Tenant is often a wise course of action to ensure to ensure debts don't increase further. We provide 24 Hour Debt Collection services throughout England and wales.

UK Debt Collector also offers a Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR - for short) procedure which is where an agent attends the Commercial Tenants Premises with a view of removing assets and or cash at the time of visit to get your rent paid back out of proceeds!