Business-to-Consumer Debt Collection


This is a heavily-regulated industry with many safety nets there to protect the consumer. Whereas in Business-to-Business transactions, there are automatically costs that can be attributed to the collection of late-payment bills, the same is not the case when the customer is a consumer.  In contrast, where bills concern Utility costs, service costs, rental costs, nursery/nursing home costs, professional bills and tradesmen’s bills, there is no automatic mechanism to allow costs to be passed to the consumer. You can only rely on your Terms & Conditions and, even then, there are many safeguards for the consumer which govern any contract into which the consumer has entered. 

A decision to offer time for the consumer to pay - i.e. the offer of credit to a consumer - opens up more minefields as you try to ensure that you keep to the legislation regarding credit offered to consumers. Such legislation includes cooling-off periods and registrations for offering credit as well as database management of client details.

The need to outsource your credit control to a company that specialises week by week and month by month in good cash flow and debtors’ ledger management is important. 


So, the sort of areas and business types for which we offer guidance and assistance are :

Jobbing builders offering building services to consumers 

When embarking upon offering services to a consumer at his residential property, the need to check your Terms & Conditions to ensure not only that stages of work are clearly defined and marked as complete but also that the consumer signs to denote acceptance of work undertaken is a vital procedure to incorporate into Project Management if you are to make certain that the consumer pays your invoice according to the Terms & Conditions and to your quotation.

There are so many safeguards for consumers and so many areas of possible conflict leading to non-payment. Having an outside company to negotiate and try to resolve issues is crucial to build into your business plan.


Nursery school fees 

Although the government offers incentives as well as grants and benefits to parents, the government does not cover the entire bill which leaves the parents responsible for paying additional fees for the service you offer. All too often, emotional issues and even emotional blackmail can create a situation where you have incurred more costs than you would have liked to have done and the parents now no longer communicate with regards to settling their bills. An outside credit-management company is ideally placed to put forward a no-nonsense attitude to enforce collection of those fees due.


Veterinary fees 

So, you spent 8 years studying intensively and perfecting your profession as a veterinary surgeon. You offer your skill-set, know-how and correct medication to your client’s loved pet, only to find that they then failed to honour the debt. Although this leaves you with unpaid fees on your debtors’ ledger, you do not address this serious issue as you hate to see animals suffer and wish to complete a further round of treatment for their pet.  Do not let a debtor take advantage of you in this way and do not take wrong or useless action because collecting debts from consumers is a complex area and heavily-regulated. It pays to engage a debt collection company such as UK-Debt Collection who are not swayed by emotional issues, have a high rate of success in debt collection enforcement and follow the right no-nonsense procedure to enforce collection of fees due.


Car / white goods /  TV and electronic goods / venue hire rental  

All too frequently, consumers fail to keep to rental agreements leaving you in a situation of trying to get your asset back and looking to resolve unpaid dues sitting on your debtors’ ledger. It is important in all businesses to show that Terms & Conditions mean something and are enforced. Our no-nonsense attitude with consumers takes them all the way to a County Court Judgement.


Consumer-to-consumer debt collection

So, you are a consumer i.e. an individual and you have lent money to a mate, family member or close relative. You are not a money-lender and are not authorised to lend money and now you have found that the individual has taken advantage of your goodwill. If this sort of debt is not dealt with carefully, you could find that the debt is uncollectable. Companies like UK-Debt Collection, who acts as a personal debt collection agency,  have dealt with many cases of consumer-to-consumer debt recovery and we work hard to underpin such debts in law with the backing of a Court judgement enforcing payment with immediate effect. Once achieved, the normal enforcement procedure can be embarked upon. Without this, you could be faced with an uncollectable debt.