Let Us Recover Your Unpaid Debts!

Debt  Collection 

Our Debt Collecting Agents are part of the local network of Collection Agencies. We cover all aspects of Debt Collecting and Debt Recovery. Our Debt Collection Agency is well known & highly recommended for recovering all unpaid invoices & arrears within a short period of time.  

We Will Recover Your Tenant Arrears

Tenant  Rent  Arrears 

Our Tenant Rent Arrears Collection Agents will issue your problem Tenant with the correct Tenant Rent Arrears Recovery procedure to ensure you get your Tenant Rent Arrears paid back, or by serving a Tenant Eviction Notice so you can regain access to your property.  

Let Us Enforce Your Unpaid CCJ's

Enforcement  of  CCJ's 

Our HCEO's - also known as Bailiffs & Sheriffs, do the work for you but we will do it quickly and to a very high standard. With our extensive knowledge & experience we are able to issue a HCEO - (Bailiff) to carry out the Enforcement of CCJ by either collecting the owed CCJ on the doorstep, implementing an Attachment of Earnings, freezing the debtors bank account or issuing a Writ of Control.  

We Will Initiate Litigation On Your Behalf

Litigation  Law  Firm 

We will act as a mediator and make the debt unquestionably due for payment. We will do this by Claiming a Court Judgement (CCJ) and overseeing the entire process, this is called Litigation. We can act as your paralegal to enable you to, our client, to embark on 'Litigation in Person' -  an individual, company or organisation that has rights of audience (this is, the right to address the court).  

We Can Trace Absconded Debtors

Absconded  Debtors 

Our Absconded Debtor & Tenant Trace Firm are able to search and locate those Absconded Debtors and Tenants who have moved, gone away for a long period of time or left no lines of communication open using our professional Trace Service & in turn are able to recover unpaid debts & arrears to yourself.  

Our Services

Debtor Trace

Debtors often try to walk away from their responsibilities and indebtedness to you. To the untrained eye it can often seem as if they have…

Debt Collection & Debt Recovery

Debt Collection and Debt Recovery covers many areas each area being unique and specialist skills to obtain a quick efficient collection on Debt…

Debt Litigation

Debtors will often dispute the Debt in order to not pay monies owed. Our paralegal team will prepare your claim in order to get a Judgement in your…

CCJ Enforcement

You have obtained a County Court Judgement (CCJ) and the Judge has ordered the debtor to pay you with immediate effect, but alas no payment is…

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