When a debt is disputed, the only way forward is to start Litigation. If successful, litigation will result in a judgement in your favour, ordering your debtor to pay your debt.


Ordering the Debtor to Pay

A debt is only a debt if both the creditor and the debtor agree it. To make the debt unquestionably due for payment, we will obtain a court order ordering the debtor to pay, as such a document will set aside the many excuses for non payment you may have recieved to date.

Pre-action Protocol Consumer or a Business 

The Pre-action Protocol must be performed correctly and follow the correct procedure, your claim could be thrown out by the court, dont waste your money ensure you instruct UK Debt Collect Ltd to act as your paralegal.


Claim Documentation

UK Debt Collect Ltd will act as your paralegal to ensure the details of your claim are written up correctly, with correct claim documentation attached to ensure your case is unarguable & that the debt is due.


Processing a Claim

Small claims, defence counterclaim, mediation, time to respond defence entered - UK Debt Collect Ltd will act as your parelegal to guide your through these possible routes your claim could take and minimise your time and possible mistake in processing a county court claim or money claim online claim.