Pre-action Protocol

This section covers what you need to do before you can take your debtor to Court for the purpose of acquiring a County Court Judgement (CCJ) against the debtor and in your favour.

The Pre-Action Protocol describes the necessary steps to complete before commencing Litigation proceedings. 

Without completing this Pre-Action Stage correctly,  you do run the risk of having your Judgement (once obtained) set aside or your application for a Judgement being unsuccessful !

The process in which we act differs slightly depending upon the type of debtor and the size of the debt. Please note that the Pre-action Protocol does NOT apply to consumer-to-business disputes i.e. where a consumer is the creditor/claimant.

We work as your Paralegal on a strictly time basis, preparing and checking documentation and then issuing it for your signature and submission to Court in your name.  At all times, you remain firmly in control since you are the litigant in person.

Instruct us to be your agent by just sending us this simple “Submit Debt Collection Litigation-Pre-action Protocol Form