Private Debt Collection

So, you are a consumer i.e. a private individual and you have lent money to a mate, family member or close relative.  

You are not a money-lender and are not authorised to lend money and now you have found that the individual has taken advantage of your goodwill. 

As is usually the case, there is very little paperwork in existence and communication has completely dried up. 

If this sort of debt is not dealt with carefully, you could find that the debt is uncollectable. 

Companies like, who acts as a personal debt collection agency,  have dealt with many cases of Private Debt Collection and we work hard to underpin such debts in law with the backing of a Court judgement allowing the enforcement of payment with immediate effect.

Once this Court judgement has been achieved,  the normal enforcement procedure can be embarked upon. Without this, you could be faced with an uncollectable debt.


Consumer-to-Consumer Paralegal

As a Personal Debt Collection Agency, UK-Debt Collection administers the appropriate procedures acting as your paralegal, reviewing your file and preparing it ready for you to submit a claim in your own name or to seek the advice of a legal professional on a legal panel in order for you to collect your owed money depending on the complexity of the case.



Debt Collection

How do we collect so quickly from family, friends & business partners? UK-Debt Collection succeeds as we remove the emotions that are restricting the payment. We dwell on the fact of the debt and appeal to the logical viewpoint of the debtor and potential legal penalties if they fail to respond to the Debt Collection rationally.