Absconded tenants?! UK-Debt Collect Ltd are able to search and locate those tenants/debtors who have moved, gone away for a long period of time or left no lines of communication open. Once found, confirmation of their address usually results in collection of the debt or the opportunity to serve documents to continue the debt collection process.


Trace Techniques

UK Debt Collect Ltd will find the Absconded Tenants using a variety of Trace Techniques - mainly by searching Public Databases to locate the debtor - once a current address has been found we will then either recover the unpaid debt or start the legal proceedings to do so.


Trace Process

The Trace Process is a 10 month long process. If no new address appears initially then we continue to search over a period of time until the debtor makes themselves known - this could be by taking out finance or signing up to a service in their name. 


Absconded Tenants

We have the know-how to Trace Absconded Tenants within minutes - once found we will recover the debt or start proceedings to.


Tenants Gone Away

It could be that the Tenant has Gone Away - this is no problem. We will Trace them & issue them with notice to pay.