UK Debt Collect Ltd will issue a Forfeiture of Lease prior to the contractual termination date because of a breach in the lease terms by the tenant in aid of commercial rent recovery.


Commercial Rent Arrears

Commercial tenant failed to pay rent due? UK Debt Collect ltd will aim to recover all debt. We will issue a Forfeiture of Lease and Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery by issuing a locksmith to change the locks on your commercial property. 


Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery (CRAR)

Uk Debt Collect Ltd will execute a Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery by way of assigning a bailiff (High Court Enforcement Officer) to attend the property, remove assets and/or collect cash to the sum of the debt owed.

Bailiff Eviction Commercial Property

UK Debt Collect Ltd act as your agents to attend your commercial property, change the locks & take over ownership. We secure assets of the debtor with a detailed inventory service. Our 24/7 Bailiff can be left in attendance, to explain to the evicted tenant why all doors are secured. & to assist with commercial rent recovery & issue the forfeiture of lease.

Breach of Lease

The most common breach of covenant for a commercial lease is the duty to pay rent. If the tenant fails to pay rent when it falls lawfully due then the landlord will be entitled to forfeiture of lease. Fortunately, it is also one of the easier breaches to deal with. This post will concentrate on this breach of a commercial lease – the tenant’s failure to make rental payments – but a landlord is, in principle, entitled to terminate a lease for any breach of covenant within the lease.


Effecting Forfeiture 

Exercising a forfeiture of lease and effecting a re-entry on to commercial premises shows a landlord’s intention to terminate the lease. A landlord can re-enter a property by; Peacable re-entry & Issuing proceedings at court. 


Peaceable Re-entry 

To physically re-enter the premises so that the landlord obtains possession of the property by physically excluding the tenant from the premises and securing it. This is often seen as the the best option by landlords. It is a much faster way to terminate a lease than through court proceedings; it has minimum expenses; it avoids the unpredictability of the court, and it shifts the responsibility to the lessee to apply for relief. The most common way of effecting forfeiture by peaceable re-entry is by simply changing the locks and taking control of the property. However, this cannot be done while someone is in the property and is never permitted if someone is living in any part of the property residentially.