Ownership of Freehold Property Search 

Even when a CCJ has been issued in favour of you, the creditor, in which it is confirmed that a debtor owes you money, sometimes the debtor delays payment or even declares lack of assets or resources to pay this debt. 

You do not know whether this debtor is telling the truth or not but a lot of time can pass in correspondence between you and the debtor and the debt still is not paid.  Of course, this incurs even more expense. 

Instead of relying on the story told by the debtor which can even change as time goes on, It is far better to put your feet on firm ground and not on shifting sand.  

The way to do this is to find out whether this debtor owns freehold property because, if they do, a Charging Order can be levied on that property and this Charging Order will appear in the Title Deeds and in the Land Registry.  It will remain in the Land Registry records for 12 years.

When it comes to payment of the debt owed to you, you are second then only to the Mortgage Company and payment of the debt is protected even in the event of bankruptcy of the debtor.

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Freehold Property Search Agent with Portal Access 

Although the Land Registry in the UK offers general information about their services free of charge to the public, there is a charge for accessing specific documents.  

Furthermore, information may be spread across various Land Registry documents which are only made available to a search agent with portal access. 

It requires considerable time and expertise in knowing the types, contents, relevance and location of documents.  

Indeed, more than one search may need to be performed especially where the information about one property is bundled with the information about another property, both properties comprising part of all of a portfolio of properties bought and registered together.

Without the proper expertise, freehold property can even appear not to be owned by your debtor who, on the contrary, does actually own some !

It makes sense then to contact our Private Investigator Department to perform a skilled search, leaving no stone unturned. You will receive an accurate and complete answer which will give you the solid ground needed for the next stage of collecting this debt.

Instruct us to be your agent by sending us this simple "Submit Ownership of Freehold Property Search Form".